Our Goal

The Grace Network exists to positively impact school-age children’s happiness, health and comfort
while facing complicated living situations. We partner directly with schools to provide students with
basic hygiene and comfort necessities that they currently may not have access to on their own.  We believe all students and their educators deserve our support to make school a safe and comfortable environment to learn and flourish.


Because we believe every child deserves the same basic level of grace and dignity. School should be a safe
space for students where they are comfortable to learn and grow. Our goal is to aid educators in recognizing and attending to students who need a little extra help to get there.  

How We Do It

Knowing teachers are the first point of daily contact for many students, our goal is to offer
hygiene items that can be easily accessed to help students have a fresh, comfortable start to their
day. We urge school staff to send students home with any items they may need throughout the course of the night before they return to school the next day.

We will supply each school with a bin full of essentials (see list below) to be managed and distributed to students based on need by a school administrator and/or social worker. We will stay in contact with each school’s designated representative and re-stock essentials multiple times a year.

Want to find out if your school qualifies for our services?

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Sample Items Included

Hair Products
Disposable Face/Body Wipes
Nail Clippers/Files
Sanitary Napkins/Tampons
 Body Lotion
 Chap Stick
Water Bottles
Breakfast Bars